American Greed

02 March 2021
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    American Greed

    Ready to rock the world, American Greed was formed by Michael Mesey, the long time drummer for Chuck Berry and The Classic Rock Band Head East along with Matt Arana, Dave Farver, and Bob Guion. The band has years of musical experience and unmeasurable talent they have shared with large audiences around the nation. They have received L A Music Awards, Hollywood Producer Choice Awards and The Hollywood Walk of Fame Award and individually worked and toured with some of the greatest artists in the Music Business.

    “Livin the Dream” is about being grateful for all of your memories and experiences you’ve had “Good and Bad”. And when you appreciate those times in your life you are “Livin’ the Dream”. This is our follow up single to “Together” that has been charting Globally with AC/DC, Foo Fighters and many more. Livin’ the Dream is one of our Rockers that includes a special guest appearance by Johnny Neel on B3, Keyboardist for The Allman Brothers and Dickey Betts band.

    “TOGETHER” is the latest new single/music video by American greed. It is for all Americans, and everyone around the world. Together is about all of those that couldn’t be with there loved ones. To all of our military families, Everyday working professionals kept from their families. We all have someone we miss, that is home alone, that is on the front lines keeping us safe and healthy or someone we lost. In these times “We need to Come Together, Heal Together, and then We Will be Together”. This is for You!!!

    Michael Mesey has been writing, recording, and touring for the last 40 years. Mike was picked personally by Chuck Berry to become his drummer for Special shows and was Introduced by him many times as his drummer. Mike has continued to create a stellar music career, working with many famous artists and creating many hitmakers over the years.

    Dave Farver is the lead vocalist and has been performing and recording his whole life. Dave is the dream singer that every band wishes they had to be a success. His vocals and personality on stage are so natural and powerful, all while making fans a part of each song. He is that ultimate rock singer. Dave Farver has performed around the world and has recorded with multi Grammy winning producer Keith Olson who has produced Fleetwood Mac, Ozzy, Foreigner and many more.

    Matt Arana is the lead guitar/acoustic guitar/backing vocals. Matt was formerly in a band called MeshSTL that was signed by The Label/Jive records, managed byJeff Kwantinetz The Firm Management Co. MeshSTL made it to the top 20 on the Rock charts. Had Videos on MTV, Toured with Nickelback, Alice in Chains, and Stained, among many others.

    Bob Guion on bass Guitar. Bob is the most badass rock-solid Bass player in the entire music industry.